One of the many services we offer is a consultation service. We split this into a number of areas depending on the customers’ situation.

As dairy engineers we work on all types and makes of equipment. This combined with James and Kevins’ working knowledge of cows and herd management puts us in an excellent position to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to help our customers. 

Consultation types:

Individual farmers
Farm workers training
Herd management
Milking machine manufactures consultation
Overseas consultation
Cell count problems
Bactoscan problems

We operate a very flexible approach to the consultation and can tailor it to suit your needs from a one off visit to your farm to a block of overseas training/assessment.  We can also work with existing professionals working on the site such as vets and nutritionists. James Holding Engineering has on numerous occasions worked closely with West Point vets in the Cumbria area to resolve Cell count and Bactoscan issues.





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