As pressures increase on dairy farms to become more profitable and attention to detail more important, we have seen a vast increase in robotic milking.  Farmers making the step from family run farms and investing in more “managed” automated systems.  AMS is probably the most common of these such systems.  Although Robots are not for everyone it does give another option and should always be at least considered when planning an investment into the dairy unit. 

Why AMS?

Having had experience of milking cows I was very skeptical that a “Robot could do a herd persons job”. Due to a rise in popularity of the robotic milking system I decided to investigate the possible advantages of AMS.
After  visiting several AMS sites and talking at length with the farmers my opinion began to change.  The robot was never intended to replace the human it was used to free time up for the herds person.  This allows the farmer to manage the cows better.   The system uses data from the cows to make the farmer aware of issues with individual cows.
The information provided for each animal is extensive and it was clear to see how the system could be incorporated to maximize the potential of the herd.   Today I strongly believe in AMS and enjoy helping farmers to get the most out of their robotic systems.  As I said earlier robots are not for every dairy farm but should be fully investigated as to their potential for your business.

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