Testing and Servicing is a large part of our business.  We operate a “prevention is better than cure” policy.  We are all aware of the requirement for the milking equipment to be tested annually for farm assurance. This is only part of the picture.  We believe it is essential to test and service the equipment at recommended intervals.  The milking equipment is probably the hardest working machinery on the farm and there is a tendency to think if the cows are milking it’s ok.  There are many aspects of milking that can have a dramatic effect on the cows and early detection can not only prevent these but also save money.  It is true that as parlours have become more advanced that service costs rise but this is pro rata to the information and benefits of a more advanced milking system.  It is easy in hard times to neglect the servicing, but as we have found this can lead to higher running costs caused by breakdowns and cow related problems such as depressed yields and damage to cows lasting lactations.

Advantages of regular service and testing:

  • Less breakdowns
  • Cow welfare
  • Operator comfort
  • Improved milk quality
  • Early detection of possible issues
  • Budgeting for necessary improvements
  • Cost savings for unseen losses

We are now often asked to test milking machines every 6 months.  This is an example of better early detection to problems that could by the annual test be causing many issues.

Remember a parlour test is not a service and be aware of companies only testing and not replacing serviceable parts.  We have also come across imitation parts on the market cheaper. After trying many of these at farmers requests, with some horrific results, we try to use the genuine parts. In the words of a farmer “they are cheaper for a reason.”

For a free farm visit and to assess your service needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can set up a service plan designed to suit your parlour and split the costs over the year if required.

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