We provide “conventional parlours” these can be a variation of doubled up, swing over, low line and high line.  The choices are endless.  These types of parlour can be made to suit existing buildings and designed around the specific requirements of the individual farmers’ situation.  As with all systems a wide range of automation can be added to these types of parlour depending on budgets and requirements.

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The Fullwood HB50 is a swing over, high level parlour designed to provide a cost-effective solution for increased cow throughput.

The main features and benefits of this new parlour are:

  • Heavy duty, robust construction and low maintenance requirement
  • A modular design for speedy installation
  • All internal equipment located overhead for safety and ease of use
  • Ideal cow positioning for operator and cow comfort and also fast cluster attachment
  • High milking performance resulting in reduced milking times with only one operator

Fullwood 50° Herringbone Parlour

The 50° herringbone was designed specifically for rear leg milking. The cows stand nearer to the operator and the increased angle of the cow standing improves udder presentation allowing quick cluster attachment.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Wider walkways provide quick, cow-friendly entry and exit.
  • Shorter pit reduces walking distance and reduces operator work routine.
  • Twin rump rail for operator safety
  • Adjustable rear entry gate for each batch of cows
  • Individual mangers available for in-parlour feeding

The 50° Herringbone Parlour can be installed with either Steamline or Cleanline systems. 


The Cleanline system is an all-enclosed design in stainless steel that transforms the milking parlour. Specially constructed housing protects the essential milking equipment against soiling and contamination. This housing encases equipment such as milk meters, pulsators and pipework beneath the cow platform with similar stainless steel enclosures surrounding overhead  milking stations above the kick rail.
The new design could potentially save on labour, as the flatter surfaces are easier and quicker to wash down. Specially constructed sliding doors in the cabinets beneath each  milking station allow easy access to equipment for maintenance or taking milking samples.



Streamline is a high capacity milking system for new or existing parlours

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